Welcome to RainFlower! This is a website that offers free banners, story layouts, and profile layouts. Go to the "Requests" page to request a layout or a banner. If you end up using a layout or banner that I give to you upon request, make sure you leave a comment in the Cbox! Please do not take away the credits in the profile layout or banner. I will not put any credits in the story layouts, though. Anybody who has taken the credits away from any of my profile layouts or banners will be asked to put it back on, and if you refuse, it means trouble. Trouble that isn't pretty.

Please, do not be afraid to tell me if you do not like the banner or layout! I will make you a new one if you want, but I will have other orders to take care of, so you will probably be at the bottom of the list. Also, I have a life outside of this, so don't expect me to do any layout or banner in a half-hour, because I can't. Good things take time. Drop a comment in the Cbox if you would like to be an  Affie, and I will gladly make you one! I am not making pre-made layouts and banners yet, but those should come in the future, along with some signatures! :D Feel free to chat in the Cbox, and look around.