About the Owner

Why, hello there. (: I'm so glad you could drop by my website. Anyway, my real name is Julia, although I like to be called Jackie, and I'm obsessed with Mibba. I'm only 11 years old and started this website with not much experience, but don't underestimate my abilities. I love to talk to people, so feel free to drop me a message in the Cbox. I love to listen to OneRepublic and I've never been fishing. O.O I'm still trying to work on the format of this website, to make it look pretty like Lameface's site. I live in Alabama and am going into my first year of middle school on the week of August 10th, 2011. My favorite colors are black and green, but I didn't want to make this a dark and dreary website, so I decided to spice it up and make it glowy with flowers and spice and everything nice. (: 

I want to be an author someday and get my long-lost ideas and plot bunnies swerved into action. When I get into college, I'd like to major in English and Journalism and minor in French. My dream honeymoon is going to Paris and sitting atop the Eiffel Tower with my soulmate. I love to drink Dr. Pepper, and I'm in love with the hot surfer, Julian Wilson. 

I'm sure you're sick of me being self centered and all, so you may go now. Thank you for dropping by my website and I hope to see you soon!