Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that you might need to know the answer to. 

How can I become an affiliate?
  • Leave a comment in the Cbox if you want to become an affiliate. 

What are the rules to become an affiliate?
  • Your website can be as new as ever, but it must have some sort of content, whether it be 2 layouts or an icon or just a plain signature.
  • I will gladly accept anybody with at least a little content to become an affiliate. 

How can I request something?
  • Go to the "Requests" page and fill out the form. It will go directly to my e-mail and I'll get back to you ASAP.

When will you have pre-made content on the website?
  • Like I said in the "Other" page, I'm not very experienced and I'm still working on that. I will make mistakes and learn from them, and once I feel confident enough to create layouts and post them on here for you to use (without request), I will. 
  • I will probably do it in several months, but I can't give a specific date, and I might be totally wrong and it could be in one month or one year. I won't keep you waiting too long, though. 

When will you close this down?
  • I'm going into middle school very soon, and it will be my first year. I might close this down temporarily if I feel that I won't have time to do current or coming orders. 
  • If I feel that I don't have enough experience and need to practice independently without the site, I will close this down temporarily until I want to reopen it and start again.

What information do I need to give you for profile layout requests?
  • I will take care of the headers and titles, but I just need to know the style, color scheme, photo, and background for the layout. Send me the link to the image you want on your profile, and you can either link or just vaguely tell me what style or picture you want for the background. 

What information do I need to give you for banner requests?
  • For banners, I need the title of the story (unless you don't want it), the character picture(s), any additional text, and a color scheme for the font that you would prefer.

Do you put credits on your banners and layouts?
  • Of course. The layout credits will be in a sectioned area, and the banner credits will be in the corner of the banner. 

Can I take away the credits at any point?
  • No. You will be warned if I see a layout that belongs to me that doesn't have the credits on there. I don't care about banners as much, but that doesn't mean you can take the credits off. It belongs to me, and me only. 

What will happen if I take the credits off and I don't put them back on?
  • You will be asked to put the credits back on one time only. I can't make you put the credits back on, but if you refuse, I will talk to an admin of Mibba and you will be asked by them. If you think I'm going over the top, I must say I disagree because they are my layouts and banners and I work hard on them.
  • I will not talk to an administrator for the banners, because I don't have to do all the CSS and Layout/HTML coding for them, but I will ask you kindly to put the credits back on. 

How can I add a story layout that you've made for me?
  • Add me as an author to your desired story and I will put the layout onto the story. If you want a banner with the story layout, just tell me and I'll put it in with the layout.

Where do you get the images for the profile layouts?
  • I usually get them simply from Google Images, but I don't usually put the credits for the images unless I happen to remember. I just get them from some random website. 

If you have any other questions, I will post it on here just in case it's asked again.